Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Pics and a video.

Ok so these are little backwards/mixed up..but I dont feel like moving them around. Also, I realized I have a ton of Christmas pictures, so I will post those separately. I might put them on flickr..or I might just post them all here. Let me know what is easier from your point of view as a reader. Either way is ok with me. is Myla around Halloween time. I love dressing her
She wasnt too happy about this outfit...I think it was a bit snug. I still got a smile though!

We got her this Jeep walker around fall time. She loved it so much, she gave me high-five.
Shes being a careful driver..even with mommy embarassing her with lots of pics.

She loves being with daddy!

Ok I actually had more pics, but Im having some error trouble right now, so I will work on those later. But as a consolation prize..I have uploaded a video instead. My first one! I started saying "hi" to Myla, and pressed record just as she was saying hi back. I tried getting her to say daddy...but shes stubborn and only says it 500 other times a day, when not asked. Figures. Anyway...I will post the other pictures either later today or tomorrow. Later!
Edit: Sorry about the darkness..Ive never done a video so I didnt think to adjust settings. Oh and just so everyone gets a good laugh...when I played this video back, Myla heard it..and started saying "hi" and "da-da" a bunch of times. She likes to do things according to HER schedule.

Makeover & Myla Update

Ok as much as I looooove makeup, that isnt the kind of makeover I am talking about. I need to give my blog a makeover. And I need YOUR help. I need ideas/suggestions for a new background, font..a whole layout basically. I also need a new blog title (this one was funny for about 5 seconds..and then it got old) as well as organization ideas. So if you have any ideas for me, please let me know what they are and how I can obtain them.

As far as everything else goes, life is busy and stressful, but were still alive. I'm more of a zombie. Myla has been SO energetic and cranky lately. She took her first step yesterday! (Side note: She actually took what seemed to be her first step about a week or two ago, but I barely caught and she was really close to the ottoman, so I couldnt really see it in its it didnt Devin and I were sitting in the living room and Myla was in the middle of the room and just steadied herself on a package of diapers, stood up, and took a step then sat back down. Yay!! She is learning things so fast. She also knows TWO words! She can say "Hi" while waving, (opening and closing her hand) it is so cute! I will walk into her room in the morning and she will be standing up and smiling and saying "Hiii" (which sometimes sounds like "eyyye" but she can also produce a clear H) and wave at me. Its so awesome! Her other word is, of course, "da-da". She learned this one a couple months ago. I think she started saying it at about 6 mo. or so. She rarely says momma. What a turd. But I think its ok since I end up seeing alot of her "firsts". When it comes to food, were are kind of slacking. She ends up eating formula most of the time. I try to give her the jarred baby food, but she wants nothing to do with it. She likes to eat whatever we have on our I am thinking that the puree'd stuff is just a joke to her. She knows what good food is and wont settle for less. My kind of girl.
Anyway, I am planning on uploading pics today. I just wanted to get this blog posted while she was taking her nap. After she eats and gets settled in, Im gonna try to take a video or some pics and post them along with some pics from the last couple of months. Remember to give me any suggestions you have for my blog. Thanks!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

If at first you dont succeed, get a laptop! I am obviously not the best at keeping up with blogs/pic uploads/facebook/ect. But I am now the proud owner of a laptop, which means I can get online more than just during naptime. Which then would indicate that I will hopefully be able to update more often. I'm not making any promises though. I'm still a lazy slacker. No laptop in the world will change that. Anyway...once I get my camera back (its in my car, which is in Devins possesion right work) I'll upload some pics or vids. As for Myla...she's 8 mo. now and crawling. And yelling. And pretty much just being a typical 8 mo old. OH...and the biggest update that were are preggo again! Due sometime in Aug. So I will be updating on that as we go along. (If I'm not updating here everyday, you can check facebook..which is where I have been the last few days.) Anyway..sorry for the very lackluster posting. I will try to be more entertaining next time. Even if it IS at my own expense (which is usually the case). Later!

Monday, October 20, 2008

One Word Tag

Ok I'm gonna do a "poor mans" update. I'm doin this tag game Jamie tagged me on, like 4732625 years ago. Its too late for me to use my brain and post an actual update with REAL this will have to do. Its a "one word" tag. If I have to explain it to you..then you probably should just quit now. :) Heeeeeeeeeeeeere we go..

Where is your cell phone? ottoman
Where is your significant other? work
Your hair color? dyed
Your mother? tall
Your father? short
Your favorite thing? vacation
Your dream last night? forgetful
Your dream/goal? music
The room you're in? "myla's"
Your hobby? internet..
Your fear? fat
Where do you want to be in 6 years? 25..
Where were you last night? scandalous ;)
What you're not? discliplined
One of your wish-list items? laptop
Where you grew up? lansing
The last thing you did? tv
What are you wearing? pj's
Your TV? downstairs
Your pet? pitbull
Your computer? worthless
Your mood? content
Missing someone? always
Your car? decent
Something you're not wearing? nunya
Favorite store? goodwill
Your summer? eventful
Love someone? definitely
Your favorite color? pink
When is the last time you laughed? earlier
Last time you cried? Sat (hormones!)

K....and as for tagging. Consider yourself tagged. :)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Yes...we are all aware. I am a blogger-tard.

Ok....I'm finally doing it. I'm updating. For some reason I find it incredibly hard to post pics, and updates. Even though I love doing it. I think its because I am addicted to other things, like Craigslist and Freecycle. So the blog thing tends to get neglected. But today, Jamie and Naomi scolded me for not keeping my blog up to date. I feel dirty and ashamed. I'm so sorry.

Quick update. Myla is 6 months old. She's almost crawling. Although I think walking will come first, because she stands allll the time. Devin and I had our 2 year anniv. (pics below) which was a blast. I had my 26th birthday....woo...hoo. I got called as a primary teacher, Dev is still ward mission leader. I'm subbing at a daycare (home daycare) a couple times a month, for extra $$$. And thats all my brain can manage to remember right now. we go....some pics (slide shows) of whats been happening the last few months. I dont know how to put the actual slideshow up (you see...I am very rusty at this now) so here are some links. I didnt really edit them, cause it takes too long and I had like 1,375,834 pics to upload. So you might end up seeing alot of the same poses. Also, I dont think the slideshow has if you want to know who is in the pic, or where we are..just look through the actual album, and not the slideshow. Sorry Im so lame.

4th of July:'s Blessing:
2 year Anniv. trip (in Petoskey Michigan) with 3rd wheel Myla..hehe:

OK and as stated in some of the pics, I apologize for the horrible shots of me. Theyre pretty bad. But I was on vacation in alot of its allowed.

I'll post more pics later, because obviously, these are from like 3 months ago. Myla has changed alot since then. I'm still huge I wont be needing to post any of me.
Thats all for now...this should hold me over for another 3 months...right? Riiiight???

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


And stupid. I made a HUUUUGE post with like 20 pics and all kinds of details about our trip. Then I posted it in a group blog instead of my personal blog. So I deleted and watched 1 hour of my day being deleted also. DANGIT.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

The future governor, Ms. Myla Jane. I kind of failed on the whole updating thing. Business...laziness...procrastination...but mainly just laziness. Its my speciality.

So ok...were not sick anymore. Dev stayed sick for a on some heavier meds, and then was fine. I recovered quickly. Which is funny..cause I am the one who eats candy for breakfast and washes it down with a mountain dew. Its was kind of a "hahahahaha in your face" moment, for me. Dev is always drinking water and working out. And then he gets sick for 5 million days..and I get mildy sick for 2 days and then go back to my Taco Bell and Burger King. He just buys into that whole "healthy lifestyle" nonsense. I think its something the government uses to control us. They want us to live long healthy lives so that we can pay large hefty taxes.

Speakin of the government..

Earlier in July we went to this employee appreciation thing, put on by the governor (jennifer granholm) and her peeps. Devs dad works for thats why we were invited. When Myla was born, the gov (and "governor" usually means "assistant" when it comes to the little people..haha) sent Myla a letter along with a bib that said "future governor". So before we left the picnic we had good ol' Jenny from the block take a few pics with Myla. She held her and talked to us for a bit asking questions about Myla. She said she wasnt going togive her back. And the tired part of me was thinking "Okay!!!!". Bu alas..I took my daughter back, like a good citizen. are a couple of pics that Dev took:

Now that Myla has had her fifteen minutes of fame, she has been nothing but a drama-queen diva. She thinks she owns the scene. And she is pretty right about that one. Oh..and now that were on the subject..might as well give the update on the little squirt. She has learned to fully roll over. Which I am sad to admit, was thrilling at first...but now its just a pain. I turn my head and she is half way across the floor. She uses her legs to scooch around but hasnt figured out her arms yet. She also had her first laugh about a week ago. But hasnt done it since. She did it for mommy though, and not at least she has her priorities straight. She slept through the night both nights of me and Devs anniv. vacay (which I'll update on later) which was amazing. And she is also grabbing for toys now. pretty much, my kid could beat up your kid. :-P

Well thats all the update for now. I have more laziness to fit in, if I want to fill my quota for this month. Make sure to come back and find out why it takes a 12 hr trip to reach a destination that is 4 hrs away.