Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Pics and a video.

Ok so these are little backwards/mixed up..but I dont feel like moving them around. Also, I realized I have a ton of Christmas pictures, so I will post those separately. I might put them on flickr..or I might just post them all here. Let me know what is easier from your point of view as a reader. Either way is ok with me. is Myla around Halloween time. I love dressing her
She wasnt too happy about this outfit...I think it was a bit snug. I still got a smile though!

We got her this Jeep walker around fall time. She loved it so much, she gave me high-five.
Shes being a careful driver..even with mommy embarassing her with lots of pics.

She loves being with daddy!

Ok I actually had more pics, but Im having some error trouble right now, so I will work on those later. But as a consolation prize..I have uploaded a video instead. My first one! I started saying "hi" to Myla, and pressed record just as she was saying hi back. I tried getting her to say daddy...but shes stubborn and only says it 500 other times a day, when not asked. Figures. Anyway...I will post the other pictures either later today or tomorrow. Later!
Edit: Sorry about the darkness..Ive never done a video so I didnt think to adjust settings. Oh and just so everyone gets a good laugh...when I played this video back, Myla heard it..and started saying "hi" and "da-da" a bunch of times. She likes to do things according to HER schedule.


Melisa said...

Seriously. Such. A. Beautiful. Baby. Wow.

Tony and Traci said...

She is so cute! I love the pictures. As for your other post... If you want to change all that stuff I would recommend They have some really cute/sassy backgrounds that won't erase your sidebar information. They also have a section on there where they reveal their blog design secrets (how to make your own background, fonts, colors etc.) The nice thing is they give you the website to look for the papers and embellishments (which are also free).

Dina said...

She's sooo cute! can't wait for your next post ;)

James Scifres and Shawnee said...

Aww, Myla's so cute! I want a baby girl now! She has your eyes. So pretty!

Missy said...

SO cute. Yeah, my kids were never "performers" either. "I can do it, and that's good enough for me. What's it to ya?"

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness, your daughter is a cute little thing! i love her blue eyes and her happy smile. :)